Launched in 2012, the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme Kerala (ASAP) is a Government of Kerala company focused on improving the employability quotient of the students and facilitating their placement. ASAP serves as a bridge between industry and academia. ASAP has skilled more than 2.5 lakhs students. During the Covid-19 pandemic it also brought skill education to the digital frontier.

ASAP provides demand based industry-led and industry-curated higher-order skill courses online and through its skill development centres in colleges, schools and Community Skill Parks. The courses include Communicative English Trainer, artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Business Analytics, Foreign Languages, Artisanal Bakery, Organic Grower etc. It seeks to promote the inculcation of a culture of product innovation and a mindset of problem-solving through student engagement initiatives like hackathons and gamification. ASAP assists students in making their dreams and aspirations a reality. To know more: